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Help! Why can’t I sign anyone!!

Signing people to your team can be one of the most challenging parts to your business because it requires practicing a sound invitation with confidence.  Sara Marble’s video below provides some sound tips on changes you can make to increase your “Yes’s” from business prospects.  Here are my notes from the video for you to […]

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Stay Positive & Believe in Greater Good!

Having just finished watching God’s Not Dead, I am left with a great deal of thought.  First, I am one that believes that indeed God is not dead.  But, what does that mean in our daily life?  If God is real, why do we hold such strife and worry?  Why do we feel the need […]

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Give it to God!

If you are not a believer this may not be for you.  But, I read a status update by Sarah Robbins yesterday that spoke deeply to me and I wanted to express why, since I feel that whenever I struggle with something there is a chance someone else is too.  Perhaps this can help. For […]

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Today I am thinking about the next Plexus check about to arrive in my bank account, while I work from my brother’s hospital bedside.  Full circle.   That’s what comes to mind. Some of you know the reason I began seeking out network marketing.  For those that don’t, here’s a brief overview.  Jan 2005:  Making […]

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The Power of Mindset

Everyone has a mindset.  Most individuals include some or many negative thoughts, typically fear of some sort that often times inhibit their goals.  It could be a financial, health, marital goal or any other desire you have in life.  There are things you have been taught by others, or through your own experiences, that will […]

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Why Do I Do and Love Network Marketing?

Why do I do and love Network Marketing?  Why do I get so excited to share this business with other people? I feel and act this way because I know it to be the best solution to making money and still experiencing your life. I didn’t have a great childhood that painted a perfect, beautiful […]

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Prospecting Realtors and Using your story to attract others!

I have embarked on a path to recruit successful real estate agents.  Why?  Because I know that their current skill sets drastically mimic those of a network marketer. They are already used to working independently, organizing their daily tasks with priorities, and working in a 100% commission based environment. They are goal oriented.  Every day, week, […]

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Their respect or Self Respect, which will you choose?

Sometimes when I look around the world it feels like one gigantic conveyer belt.  Each day we awake to an alarm clock, sometimes an inner one after years of getting up at the same time, and roll out of bed to repeat the same actions as the week before.  Day in and day out, we […]

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The journey is great!

Thinking of all of you today. Many of you will hit some pretty significant promotions in the next couple of months and the changes in your lives will feel heaven sent. It may seem like a huge struggle now, and sometimes feel like too much work, but you will look back and realize you would […]

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Even a 13 year old can change his destiny by BELIEVING!

The story starts years ago when I watched my oldest son, Jimmy, coming home night after night struggling with his homework.  It was not uncommon to have total meltdowns, tears and all.  Escalating the situation was the fact that his brother, Nick, came home night after night with no homework and acing all his classes. […]

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