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Everything you need to start your business strong is found on this page!  Use all the other pages to continue your education in Plexus and network marketing.  You should be sure to schedule in time every day, even if just 10 minutes, to read through and watch the additional info throughout this website, testimonials on FB, and network marketing blogs.  That will be an ongoing education throughout your career with Plexus.  When you sign your very first ambassador please see Training Your New Ambassador under Adv. Training tab.  Enjoy the ride!!


3 Way Calls!!!  These will ROCK your business!!!!

Introducing Your Business on FB!

FB is a major source of business and if you fail to post 2-5 times a day, you might as well be burning money!  Let’s start with your announcement!  Here is one example:

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Hey everyone! Jeremy and I have decided to build up a business through Plexus Worldwide!!  (Insert your why)  Here is a sample:  Jeremy and I are ready for a better way!  There have been too many years where we see our children from 6PM to 8PM M-TH, and weekends!  We want to be present in our childrens’ lives full-time and this business opportunity is going to be the avenue to make this happen!  Plexus is amazing and I am watching many around me create the lifestyle they want simply by helping others get health, and we are committed to doing the same!  Starting today, we are here to help you with health issues of all sorts or just to shed a few pounds. Your help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t mind me sharing this on your FB news feed, to get the word out, please comment Go For It! Thanks everyone! Wish us luck!

Whatever you choose to use to announce yourself, remember to include a selfie of you with your most excited face!!!  People are moved by your energy even if through a picture!

Keep the announcement short, fun, and high energy!  You don’t HAVE to include your why but generally that is you being authentic and that’s what people will respond to most, YOU BEING YOU!  Many will be able to identify with your why as well!

Here is a fantastic document and video that will help you with your daily posts on FB.  There is a right way and a wrong way to post.  Follow these tips and your FB posting will be a huge success!

Creating Power of 3

GREAT FB Tips!!!!


Social Media Training

Guarantee Much Greater Success, Much Faster with Daily Activity!

One major setback for people is they don’t make a to do list for this business.  Without a to do list, it is SUPER easy to pass up a day here and there, which then becomes several days, of non Plexus activity.  If you want to build your business strong and not get derailed, stick to daily activity.  Here is a great plan to follow, that keeps it very simple with great reward!  I recommend you download, print, hang in your office or carry it with you.  Use it as a tool to schedule your week in your weekly planner!

Daily Dose

A Fun Way to Launch Your Business!!

 Corporate Compensation Plan Videos


Stay Compliant!!!

If you want to give yourself a few gifts for taking an amazing step to change your life, here are some ideas!!

These books are top on our list to help you build a successful business and mindset!

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Get Organized …

Erin Condren Life Planner







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