Today I am thinking about the next Plexus check about to arrive in my bank account, while I work from my brother’s hospital bedside.  Full circle.   That’s what comes to mind. Some of you know the reason I began seeking out network marketing.  For those that don’t, here’s a brief overview.  Jan 2005:  Making upwards of $200k a year & owned a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with very low debt.  July 28th, 2005 I received a call that I had a very serious health issue that would need treatements out of state for up to five years.  It ended up being four.  We lost everything and came damn close to losing our marriage.  I was at my lowest of lows.  I didn’t want to go back to life.  What for?  Why would I go back to a job and work like a dog if I could just lose it this easily.  One small bit of bad luck, one accident, one wrong move and everything you had was gone.  That is when I was introduced to network marketing and knew instantly that had I had this mechanism prior to my medical I wouldn’t have lost my job, my assets or my family’s emotional health.  I was hooked immediately. Today, I find myself in a similar scenario as that of July 28th, 2005.  It’s not me, but its my family and whether I had a job or Plexus I would be nowhere but right here by my family’s side.  If it meant I lost my financial situation, then so be it.  BUT, thanks to Plexus, this will not happen.  This is my why.  I can’t possibly think of a stronger one.  We oftentimes say our why is financial security….just to be able to go out to eat or save for college or take a family vacation without worry.  But, really, without life there is nothing else that matters.  When you get sick, or your family needs you for a tragedy as great as the one my brother and nephew face right now, there is no better reason to WORK your network marketing business.  The ability to go on a moments notice to wherever your family needs you, or to go where you need to be, for extended periods of time without fear of financial reprecussions or job loss is the greatest gift anyone can give themselves. Yes, network marketing is netWORK marketing, but I do the work every day with nothing short of complete humbleness and gratitude.  To think that all I have to do is educate myself, guide my team and talk with as many as I can about Plexus, and I will grow a business large enough to secure me for any disaster can be nothing short of humbling.  I don’t have to dig trenches till the meat on my fingers is down to the bone.  I don’t have to work in a chemical environment knowing full well I may die from the chemicals by the time I retire.  I don’t have to leave my family for weeks at a time to make a paycheck.  All I have to do is talk to those around me no matter where I am at and share one of the greatest products ever invented.  Some walk this earth with no legs and no arms and figure a way to survive.  I get to talk — just talk — with full health, and make an endless amount of money to support my family, be available for tragedy, and give back to those in need.  I say to you, if you don’t have a big enough why to catapult you out of your comfort zone and into a mindset of growth and abundance then use my why.  Visualize what you would do if your brother was set on fire tomorrow and airlifted to a hospital for no less than 2 months with months of therapy to follow.  What would you do if you knew that one part of his health was you being there to touch the only piece of skin he has exposed so you can fill him with his lifeblood, and you had to make a decision of your job or assuring your brothers health.  He literally moans almost every time I touch him because of the love that feeds him.  What would you do if you knew your nephew was screaming at the top of his lungs each day during his scrubs and you couldn’t be there to comfort him thereafter unless you sacraficed your job and food on the table for your family?  Do you really want to make that decision?   Think it can’t happen to you?  Think again! Plexus is a blessing, regardless of whether or not you lose a customer, the pay point goes up or down, catalogs are delivered with pages out of order, your team stops working in order to sit beachside all summer, or any other “issue” you feel you have with Plexus.  There is no challenge anyone could possibly show me in Plexus or network marketing that would ever waver my belief in its greatness.  Plexus and network marketing are a blessing.  Period.  I will never ever ever put this company down for the opportunity it has provided me and the health it has given to so many.  We are spoiled if we think otherwise.  I am grateful.  I am blessed.  I am indebted for life for this blessing.  And, I look forward every day to the opportunity to share this blessing with others so they too can realize such greatness. If you didn’t have a why before, I hope you do now!  There is no greater power to help you stop thinking about you and start doing the do. Why you do it

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