Stay Positive & Believe in Greater Good!

Having just finished watching God’s Not Dead, I am left with a great deal of thought.  First, I am one that believes that indeed God is not dead.  But, what does that mean in our daily life?  If God is real, why do we hold such strife and worry?  Why do we feel the need to always prepare our mind for the worst, when in reality God wants abundance for each of us?  It is our experiences.  Bad things happen.  For some of us, many bad things have happened.  So, rather than forsake all power and control, opening our minds and hearts to utter faith, we hold tight to facts, critical analysis, and the belief that if we always focus on the worst case scenario then we are always prepared.  We are the smart ones.  Let loose and let go and one could experience let down and surprise.

I think a lot on this subject as I know people that resolve to live their lives daily believing that they are better off looking at the glass half empty.  My heart goes out to them.  It is a life half lived.  We are here once; one time to experience all the emotion and love that God has set forth in all of us.  Why on earth would you ever hold back from the full sensation of it all just so you can control everything by controlling your mind and then feel only a fraction of the energy of life that exists?

I know it’s scary.  I have had more fear in my life than I ever care to recreate.  But, I know this.  I will not close my heart or sharpen my mind to the constant checkmate of “are you sure you are right on that?”.  I am never sure.  I will never ever be sure.  That’s that.  And, I don’t care.  God has a plan that is right for me and that is all the concern I need.  All the other daily decisions, much of them made around our made up societal rules, are not worth the strife of staying “on top of things and making sure I am not being taken or wrongly influenced”.

My focus is on good.  How can I do good, be good, and effect goodness in others.  Not, how can I be perfect.  Not, how can I be sure to come out on top.  Not watching every word that exits my mouth and every step that I take in every given day to be sure it is 100% accurate or correct.  That is time wasted that could be spent doing good for the world. God is not dead and the love that he transcends in us all is meant for us to share with one another.  When you put your focus and mindset on this fact, then where can you go wrong?

Stay positive, believe in a greater good and put your thoughts on doing good for others!  Your heart will overflow!

Thanks for listening….have a great week, month, and year!

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    1. Tonya Stuart Post author

      Thank you Hillary!!!! You are a breath of fresh air and we are so proud and grateful to have you as part of the team!


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