Help! Why can’t I sign anyone!!

Signing people to your team can be one of the most challenging parts to your business because it requires practicing a sound invitation with confidence.  Sara Marble’s video below provides some sound tips on changes you can make to increase your “Yes’s” from business prospects.  Here are my notes from the video for you to keep as quick reminders!


Too Excited!!  ~  Is it possible?  Yes!  You love your story and you love what Plexus can do for so many.  But, hold off on being over the top excited to the point that it is overwhelming to the prospect.  Remember, they don’t know anything about it yet!  Be excited and passionate, but stop short of making them feel attacked.

Your Insecurities Getting the Best of You! ~ This business requires a strong belief in yourself.  If you lack that belief it will shine through.  What you feel is as transparent as a ghost to most.  If you lack belief in yourself, your business, your abilities, the product, or network marketing, it will glow like the moon on the darkest night!

How do I overcome insecurities?

Not a quick fix.  This part takes time and self awareness.  The number one way to fix this problem is through reading.  This can be self growth books, network marketing books, or business books in general.  The more you read to understand yourself and realize the vast greatness of our industry the higher your self esteem and the higher your ability to speak with passion about what we do!

Key Point – When Sara’s knowledge of the profession of network marketing increased, her motivation and desire and passion to share increased.  This occurred through reading.

Master the skill sharing/inviting!

Things to remember ~ This business is about creating/building relationships.  This can take time.  Listen more than you speak.  Show you care by showing interest in those around you and what they bring to the table.  Once relationships are formed, that is when you can provide influence in people’s lives.  In this case, your influence will be the greatness of network marketing.  But, first, the trust needs to exist.

Sara doesn’t mention this in the video, but the above statement about relationships, while completely true, doesn’t take into consideration cold calling and events.  These are also excellent ways to introduce the business and require a separate form of practice when it comes to the invitation.

When inviting, be emotionally detached.  Don’t let every no bring you to a halt and give up.  This is about long term effort for magnificent gain.  Be the best you.  Present yourself in a professional manner.  If you have a preplanned event or “date” with someone, dress clean, shower, do your hair, etc.  And, show your passion and knowledge of the business and products.  Do so with a 3 way if need be.

Skills and Commitment

What action, steps and activities are you taking to produce or not produce results?  This is a numbers game and consistent, daily activity is mandatory for you to be successful.  Statistically speaking, for every 10 people you ask, one will say yes.  If you finish your week and you have asked nine people and all said no, so you give up, you are not going to win this fight.  If you wake up and call 20 people in a day and get one or two yes’s and then don’t ask another person for two months, you are not going to win this fight.  The first two you asked may not be rock stars and if you show no activity and action, they will follow what you do – no activity and action.  You’ll end two months with nonproductive ambassadors and complaining that this business doesn’t work.  It only doesn’t work when you don’t work consistently, day in and day out, introducing and inviting regularly.

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