The Power of Mindset

Everyone has a mindset.  Most individuals include some or many negative thoughts, typically fear of some sort that often times inhibit their goals.  It could be a financial, health, marital goal or any other desire you have in life.  There are things you have been taught by others, or through your own experiences, that will weigh on your mind in a negative way and tamper with your abilities to succeed.  Have others told you:

  • You won’t be successful, you just don’t have what it takes, you are not smart enough, athletic enough, or good looking enough.
  • You are too fat or too skinny.
  • You are worthless, you’re a loser, and you’re just like your dad or just like your mom.
  • You will never amount to anything
  • You’re not in touch with reality, and what makes you think you are going to be successful?
  • People from our family don’t make lots of money, you should just accept that.

Any of these sound familiar?  Or, do you have your own set backs like mine?

  • My life long struggle:  I reach a successful point in my business. What’s next?  Failure?  That has been my mindset, my history.  Nothing stays good forever.  Nothing ever works out in the long run.  It’s only a matter of time and this will all go away.

This is such a hard nut to crack for me.  From a very young child I have had the rug pulled out from under me and for a number of years gave up my faith in God because of it.  I now work very hard daily to increase my faith more and more because I now know that that is the key to abundance in my life.  Daily prayer and the knowledge that success is brought into my life through prayer, not entirely on my own.  With that said, removing the script in my mind that has been there for so many years is a daily task.  My emotional eating has long been connected to this fear.  Yes, I may be successful today, but what if this happens or that happens.  I have always felt that I live in a moment of waiting for the next disaster to take all the good away.  What will my end result be if I don’t break this mindset?  I truly hope you are all answering that question for yourself because then I know you understand the power of thought.  If I don’t break this mentality I will bring failure.  I don’t know when but it will come.  Of course, I am breaking that habit.  I am watching my words constantly so I am in a constant state of change to remove this thought process from my mind and I will win the battle. It will take time because part of the conquering will be attained as time passes and life is still good, but I believe more and more every day.

What are your fears?  What false mindsets do you hold that prevent you from succeeding, or will eventually lead you to failure?  What false mindsets may be present in your downline?  These are thoughts that need to be abandoned for new ideas of greatness, abundance, belief in helping others, and belief in your own success beyond your own imagination.  Create positive thoughts and you will draw positive results.  In nearly everything you do in life, you need people, and network marketing is no different.  Your thoughts about yourself, and your belief in your own success, in all avenues of your life, will be a KEY component of the ability to draw the people into your life that will help you on your journey.  Believe in the power of your thoughts.  Create thoughts that will provide successful outcomes, bring forth those that need your help both as a customer of Plexus and a team builder.   If necessary, which at times it is for me, find a quiet place where no one can bother you, close your eyes, and visualize yourself free of fear.  Visualize your life in abundance, with great success, helping others on a daily basis.

Here is a Personal development creed created by Kody Bateman of MLM Blueprint.  If you can’t come up with your own, feel free to use this.  Repeat this mantra as often as needed:

Today is the day I will rise to the greatness is me.

Today I choose to:

Accept possibility

Embrace challenges

Respect change

Be consistent

Stay humble

Take responsibility

Choose happiness

Have confidence and Claim victory.

Today I choose to take control, refuse defeat, and have the resolve to do more, be better, rise above, and accept winning as a way of life.

I am a winner.

I am a voice of difference.

I am a messenger of hope.

I am a leader of possibility.

I am a solution to freedom.

I am a crusader for that which is good in the world.



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